I don't venture out of the pit very much, so I'm sorry if this is a common question.

I'm planning to upgrade both the pickups on my guitar, and get a new amp.
My primary instrument is the acoustic guitar, so I'm completely over my head on trying to decide which pickups and such, but that's not the question.

Is it generally better to upgrade the pups, or the amp first?
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I would definitely focus on the amp first. Get that. Work on your tone. Get new pups later.

BTW - what is your current guitar/amp/gear?

new or used?
home or gig (drummer)
music style?

Edit: OK. Arizona. Do us a favor and check your local phoenix.craigslist.com or whatever and tell us what you see when you search on 'amp' under musical instruments For Sale!
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i would say amp first before pickups.
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PICKUPS!!!! Ha, no amp. Seriously. But if you're sporting a Dumble now - maybe pick ups...