Is it still agood marketing tool to promote music samples you have or your music in general?And do people take it seriously?Or is it just small time?
It's quite good.
That and YouTube are promotion giants.
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Quote by Iriathz
It's quite good.
That and YouTube are promotion giants.

thats true. what else besides porn is the internet good for
It sure is a good tool for promoting your music. I have a MySpace account, just to basically find out some more great bands. It's pretty amazing the amount of new, great music you can't find. And not all artists use their MySpace music profile as an itinerary to find some good support, most of the bands I've added on there just post their music for fun.

Seriously, YouTube kind of sucks. I mean, I've seen some great players and whatnot post their stuff, but most of what I see are whacked out videos of teenage dirtbags who think they are awesome and know what they're doing. Perhaps I'm not looking far enough into it though.
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