DOES ANY ONE KNOW OF A FREE BIRD SOLO VIDEO LESSON! This is the third and final time im gonna post a damn thred on this subject. Stop closing the thread! Everytime i post the thred someone is a jackass and tells me to either watch someone play it on Youtube and learn from tht or that i dont need to post this thred agin because i did one yesterday when the only reason im doing this is because , once again jackasses keep closing it or dont answer the question, so please just answer the original question and dont give me an alternative.
It was probably closed because a link to a bunch of instructional videos was posted...

P.S - those "Jackasses" are the mods, they can ban you...

I'm gonna go ahead and report this.

-Making more than one thread on the same subject is against the rules
-Those "jackasses" are the mods on this forum, you'd do well to be respectful towards them if you want to stay on the site.
-Seriously, you don't need to play it note for note. Just improvise over it. Not hard.
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You've been given a link which looks good to me. If you need more help use the Tab Talk forum as a last resort.
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