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It doesn't look very hilarious at first glance.

yeah, screw reading that much text

jsut give me the punchline
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It doesn't look very hilarious at first glance.
Dire is the word I'd use. Coupled with "very" or "extremely".
Dude thatmwasn't an intelligent article at all. It fails at funny and even making a good point all.
She is insane. Its well documented. Didn't you listen to her GOP adress?
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weird jazz
kinda funny
low haha
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Did your know your son likes to fap?

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I'd rather shove a Pidgeot up my arse than spend any time with Jimmy Page.

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You win for making me really laugh.

add that:
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Spoiler: it doesn't get any funnier.

I thought this was fun:

So, when Barack Obama says he will put some lipstick on my pig, I am, like, Are you calling me a pig? If so, thanks! Pigs are the most non-Élite of all barnyard animals.

I liked it...

"But do you know what the difference is between a dead moose with lipstick on and a dead moose without lipstick?

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You guys Have no attention span. It made me laugh out loud. literally. Just read the whole thing, anyone who is moderately intelligent will get it.
I Want One!!!

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I skipped to the last sentence.

Did they say “Orphaned Nuns First” and then there is a picture of a sad little nun with a hobo pack?

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It's the New Yorker! Its supposed to be funny! You unintelligent people wouldn't get it.
Now, let us discuss the Élites. There are two kinds of folks: Élites and Regulars. Why people love Sarah Palin is, she is a Regular. That is also why they love me. She did not go to some Élite Ivy League college, which I also did not. Her and me, actually, did not go to the very same Ivy League school. Although she is younger than me, so therefore she didn’t go there slightly earlier than I didn’t go there. But, had I been younger, we possibly could have not graduated in the exact same class. That would have been fun. Sarah Palin is hot. Hot for a politician. Or someone you just see in a store. But, happily, I did not go to college at all, having not finished high school, due to I killed a man.

pure win.
It gave me a headache.

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