Ok here goes, my 100% serious list of bands I feel should be put into a list, in order to advance their greatness among an expanded horizon.

Here goes.

10. Nirvana
9. The Exploited
8. The Misfits
7. Sum 41
6. Axes Menace http://www.myspace.com/anaxesmenace
5. Green Day
4. Rancid
3. Blink 183
2. Sum 41
And of course... Are you ready for numbah one? Are you sure. Proceed at your own risk.

Avril Lavigne.

The girl who brought punk BAYACK!

Tell me what YOU think, and post your own list.
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For what?

I didn't insult anyone.

Jeez man.

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People who sarcasticly post lists of bands are so ****in' punk. It's like the people who bash on the Casualties and Rancid nonstop, it never gets old. Ever.

**** off loser.