So I pretty mastered these along with some complex rhythms (upstrokes from upbeats and related stuff) and I want to put myself to the test. Can you guys recommend me some progressions of these, be it only open chords, or barre or even Mixed! If its mixed, its fine as its more practice I get to do! You can throw in Powerchords and even palm muting if possible but I'd like some written tabs of progressions of mainly open and barre chords please. If you know a site or have some yourself, awesome!

Thank you everyone! ^^
Experement with em would be my suggestion. Try making up a song that uses progressions that suit your ear. Try both strums and arpeggios. If you want a challenge, transition from an open G to an F barre to a open D to a B barre. It won't sound very good, but that's the most challenging progression I can think of.

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Thanks mate, arpeggios seem like a frontier I can tackle. As for practicing the chord progressions, making up my own seems pretty cool, might as well throw some vocals in them after the guitar part is written. Thanks for the ideas once again.