I'll be playing a gibson flying v, and a epi les paul w/sd alnico pro's. I'm playing blues (cream, clatpon, hendrix, srv, the 3 kings) and classic rock (zeppelin, acdc, ect.) with the les paul, and hard rock and thrash metal(metallica, van halen, iron maiden, ozzy, ect.) with the V. and I want to be able to get gn'r tones with the les paul. so basically I need a vintage amp that can handle thrash metal too. I was thinking JCM 800, but I really need it soon and I couldn't get one of those for maybe a year. Around 300-500 $ works best. So its really down to this- Peavey Classic 30, Windsor, Valveking, used Ceriatone Plexi for like 600, or a Traynor YCV30 Blue. So whats the amp for me?
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That's kind of a tall order but we get it.

You are on the right track with what you have listed. If you can look at used amps I think you might be able to find a great high quality amp for $500. I like craigslist because you can try before you buy. If anything it will give you a good base of knowledge before you go to Guitar Center or whatever.

I pulled this up for Columbus as an example. I see stuff in here. I searched on 'amp' under musical instruments for columbus.craigslist.com

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Orange Tiny Terror $425

Fender Studio Bass $575 (never heard)

Mesa 50 Rectoverb combo if you can stretch $700

Fender Blues Deluxe $400 (may struggle with higher gain stuff)

Crate amp JUST FOR TEH LULZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crate Vintage Club 50 all tube $300 (again, may not do higher gains)

Peavey Classic Wut? $300 (anybody ever seen this?)

Marshall JCM 600 ($500) 3rd time i've seen mention of this today - needs cab

Line 6 Spider Vavle $650

Crate VC6112 tube $275

Rivera M-60 head $650 (over budget and needs a cab but hey)

Peavey JSX mini colossal $250

Just throwin stuff out there in case someone else wants to comment. This is Columbus greater area. Maybe you are closer to Cinci as shaddow suggested.
If you can actually find the use d ceriatone, that is perfect. Will need a boost for thrash. Classic 30 and Traynor are great too