And i decided to get a new guitar and amp.

my current choice of guitar is Jackson DKMG.
i have noooo idea where to start on amps.
too much selection. so i have decided to put everything in your hands UG.

I play heavy music.
and pay as you play plans would be nice if you plan on linking to a website.
Digital Distribution sucks.
i dont think i told you, the jackson is 700 bucks.
leaving me with a 300 dollar budget.
Digital Distribution sucks.
you cant really buy a decent amp for that unless you want less than 50 watts.
i would suggest the vox XL amps.
buy the guitar save another 200 and get an amp worth buyin
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i agree. don't skip on the amp
...because the last thing the world needs is another metal guitarist.


My band.

I like Fall Out Boy. I don't like you.
so lets say i can find another 200 bucks by tearing my ass apart.
Digital Distribution sucks.
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Depends on what you're playing.
It's amazing seeing amp suggestions when nobody knows what kind of music he'll be using it for, what cab he'll be using, what he's most concerned about (Meaning clean/dist.).

IMO, amp sound come first. Buy a descent guitar and you're playing through a crap amp, you'll still sound like crap. Crap guitar through a descent amp will sound better.