I was wondering if anyone could me their opinion on the Rockfield Fatass pickup. I went to the site and heard the sample, but I don't really know what to make of it. I mean it sounds awesome, but I have no idea what guitar they are playing, what amp they are playing through and what effects they are using to make it "Dirty". So I was wondering if owners of this pickup could give me their thoughts on it. I like to play metal, hardcore and thrash. This pickup seems to give the sound of an active pickup without needing a battery and the price is very attractive. IF you can tell me any thoughts on this pick up and what type of music you play, I would appreciate it.

In case you need my gear info, most of it is old, I have a Marshal reverb 75 (made in 1984), Boss HM 2 and Ge 7 pedal. My guitar is an ESP LTD AX-2E.
Thanks for the welcome.

The amp is a really good amp, unless you have something against marshal. It's solid state, has a foot switch for boost and reverb and is 75 watts.

I am pretty sure that the AX series is reletively new. It's a really great guitar though.

They have a demo of the Fat Ass on the Rockfield site if you want to check it out, but like I said, I have no idea of what the demo set up is.

I think they should have an industry standard set up for pickup demos, so you can really be able to tell the difference between the sound, because I am sure that one company's "dirty" may not be another company's "dirty", so it's hard to tell what the pickup actually sounds like.
i think facingusall has tried those, but i haven't seen him around for a few weeks... i think they come stock in some michael kellys and bc riches, so maybe see if you can find some of those to try...
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