So, from what I know I would need:
body blank
neck (pre-made)
pots and other wiring stuff
strap locks.

1. Am I missing anything?
2. How much should I expect to pay for a good neck, and where could I order one with out the standard C-shape?
3. What are good kinds of wood that I can use that don't cost that much?
4. Who makes good tuners and how much would they cost?

Edit: what kind of tools do I need? I would be getting the body band sawed by a guy I know, so I don't need a band saw.
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You should make your own neck, just take your time it's not as hard as you would probably think, unless your like terrible with hand tools.

If you can't find a body blank, let me know. I could hook you up with a 1 piece mahogany one for a decent price. I have lots of it around.

Stewmac.com has everything you would need.

Get a router, it's the ultimate tool of guitar building.