ok, i just broke the high e string on my new 57 reissue strat. i go to restring it and then i realize... i have gotoh tuners... they aren't like regular tuners. so, in an attempt to restring it, i break another string so i must be doing it wrong... how in the hell do you string these things? *google and searchbar brought up nothing btw*

i can't seem to find any pics of a vintage gotoh tuner so i drew a little picture lol.
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should be like a bass. stick string in hole and turn tuner
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Just put the string ontop of the slit...wrap it around the peg like you would on a regular machine head making sure it doesnt move from the top and there you go.
it is not as easy as you would think.... it keeps popping out. it is sooo freeking annoying. there must be an easier way.
for some reason those drawings look very sexual to me....
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