They won’t listen to your alibi
They’ll hear what I said
You trusted me and took my hand
Now your hands are just as red

You are
What you eat
You will eat
The words you speak
And the words
Will be mine
And the world
Will be mine
Because I have you, my little shield

Because of me, you will cease to be
If I’m alive, you will never be
You are my broken-mirror image
Living in my lightless shadow

You were like a sheep when you believed my words
You’re like a goat that can’t escape
(Scape! goat!)
Another pig to the slaughter
I’m the real animal


You’re in some ****ing trouble
Dead, gone, while I live on
I hide behind your shell

(Chorus Variation/Outro)
Thanks for taking the heat, know you’re burned
I’m alive, so you know what that means
Shadow, darker still