okay, we got assigned a project today in art,
we have to choose a topic, (racism, annorexia, animal cruelty, pollution, anything at all really)
the picture has to be grey scale, i can use pencils, charcoal, whatever, as long as its still on the grey scale, and im allowed to use one color to accent the main point of the picture.

anyway, im at a loss when it comes to a topic to pick

examples from last year,
a huge hand tearing a tree out of the ground,
a bear coming home to his bear family with a human skin and a rifle.

im a pretty good artist, not to brag or anything
so just suggest anything

and wow, thanks for reading all of that
i probably wouldent have.
thanks in advance.
just give me a fender and let me rip
Well, the direction of modern industrial development would be cool. Then you could look at Futurism and be inspired by architects like Antonia Sant'Elia and Angiolo Mazzoni.

And H R Giger is always fun:

What about like racism or something? I dunno what you could do though, a bunch of white people in the back of the bus, and blacks in front. Maybe a black guy on a horse whipping a white guy while hes picking cotton. Eh... Nevermind, those ideas are pretty gay...
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