I recently acquired an older Charvel guitar. Its from the late eighties, early nineties, and used to belong to my brother. I recently replaced a few parts, and for a while it worked fine, but now it doesn't seem to produce any signal. I plug it into my amp, turn on the pickups, and nothing. It has 3 active pickups, 2 single coil, 1 humbucker, and they all should be wired correctly (they're active Jacksons). I've tried it with a few different batteries, all brand new, and it still doesn't seem to work. I've checked online, and I can't really find to much information about this guitar, and the problems I'm having. If anybody out there could give me some tips, or maybe point me in the direction of some wiring schematics, it would be much appreciated.
Maybe your jack is messed up? Check the wiring (or take it in to a professional)

Are you sure your guitar's volume is up?
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try to check the wiring or the input jack.
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