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answer truthfully which guitarist's playing style you think matches yours the most. for me i'd have to say Dave Murray of Iron Maiden because i find hammerons and pulloffs very natural and easy and I like to string powerchords together in cool ways. he plays the second solo on the trooper for those of you who don't know maiden well.
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John Frusciante, yet not on purpose...
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I would say.. Billy Corgan.. either him or James Iha... lol.. it just flows naturally..
kirk hammet (i don't do it on purpose) and adrian smith, i have a bluesy/rock style for metal.
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petrucci and gilbert for me.
esp the scales petrucci uses. then again my 2 fav, not like i try to be like them though haha just happens cause im most influenced, but ive started playing alot like paul waggoner too
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frusciante during his mother's milk days and for bass P-Nut from 311. i combine reggae and funk in my bass playing.
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On electric, I'd have to say John Mayer with that blues feel to it, but on acoustic I'd be more like John Butler and Tommy Emmanuel.*

* I'm not comparing myself to these incredible guitarists, it's just an analogy.

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I don't know really. I play bass with the mentality of a keyboard player. All chords and arpeggios.
ace frehley mixed with clapton and some jack white thrown in there
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I play an orgasmic combination of David Gilmour and Santana with funky fills a la John Frusciante...oh my, I seem to have came in my pants just thinking about that incredible sound
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I don't know really. I play bass with the mentality of a keyboard player. All chords and arpeggios.

so kind of like geddy lee?
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i'd have to say mine's mostly Robby Krieger, with a little Josh homme and Adam d thrown in sometimes.
dirt from the bravery, i like to incorporate the 8th note to make it feel swingish (bass)
Loomis of the technical side, with out thinking just straight aggro....riggs, or rob from cannibal
I don't know if its more of a want to sound like clapton or that i kind of do. I deffinetly try and play like him though. Especially when he was with Cream. A lot of women tone and throw in some wah wah everynow and then
Give me a 60's kind of life
depends on what im playing ethier i sould like
les claypool
chris wood from medeski martin and wood
or if mike gordon and phil lesh had a kid together that would be me but cutier lol
Probably a mix of Daron Malakian, Kurt Ballou, and a bit of Ben Weinmen.
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I'm gonna say I don't know. I've taken a lot of things usually associated with other instruments and incorporated them into my playing. Jack of all techniques, shall we say? And I do so much varied things that I can't say "well, musically I think like this guy."
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Shannon Hoon.

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As a bassist, I play alot like James Jamerson, unless you're a bassist, you probably don't know who he is, but he played on many of the old motown records and was truly a phenomenol musician.

After becoming comfortable with bass, I spent a long time taking an in-depth study of his lines. I didn't necesessarily learn how he made his lines (I was too young of a musician, I didn't understand music that far in-depth), I just learned to play them. But most of all I learned to feel what he did. And that "feel" I got was what I determined should be a proper bassline.

So now I've branched out into my own style, but I carry alot of his influence with me.
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so kind of like geddy lee?

That's a pretty good comparison actually.

I play guitar with elements of John Frusciante in BloodSugar and Califonication styles in that I try to fill space with both rhythm and melody. Specifically playing chords, then throwing in melodies whenever I get the opportunity.

Distorted I wanna say Billy Corgan-ish. Of course lacking the backing tracks but making power chord progressions into the backbone of what's going on.
on guitar Mike McCready

on bass its hard to pin it down, I used to be a Flea rip offer, now I think I'm pretty independant from any one style.
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I try to sound like Alexi Lahio, both in my riffs and solos, but I suck.
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id say.... **** I cont play like any body, im just a freaky Frankenstein sunk machine. yes i know that was one of the lamest things Ive ever said.
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A mix of Clapton, and Mick Ronson.
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micheal amott all my riffs are heavily influenced by him
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