How would you rate it?

I'm getting it because I wan't a Les Paul, but I don't want the low quality REALLY cheap Epi's, The Acoustic Simulator kinda sold it XD

Any complaints, i wanna know what I should fix.
nvr played one, but i can tell u ur makin a good choice not getting a way cheap one. I have an epiphone les paul special II, fine to learn on, now it makes me wanna die and i dont have money for new one

anyway, the ultra does look pretty good, other LP's in that price range play pretty good
never played one either, but i talked to a guy at guitar center and he said if you get the higher end epis then its not that bad of a guitar.
i played the ultra 2 at my local music store

it plays like a les paul , if you like that kinda thing

the nano mag thing was confusing but interesting

one BIG problem though (at least for me)

the neck isnt made out of wood

its fiberglass , and doesn't feel right to me

don't take my word for it

I'm a fender junkie
The original Ultra was the guitar I would always play at my local store. But, I really wouldn't buy it for the acoustic simulator because to me piezeos are the only good simulators built on guitars. This ones called NanoMag or something like that, sounds fishy........
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