I dont know if i should get a multi effect pedal, the pocket pod, or just buy seperate pedals

if i decide to buy seperate pedals, which ones should i get first.... i want delay, flanger, chorus, wah, and so on

so can someone please tell me which ones i should get in order

thank you
Playing style, budget, how fast do you need them? Amp?
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Well generally seperate pedals is the best. I'd say buy wah/distortion first, then maybe delay/chorus/flanger, an EQ after that, and then whatever other stuff you want.
If you're looking for a TON of options, go with a nice multi-effects pedal...especially if you don't have a great amp anyway. The advantage of separate pedals is that they provide better tone. But if you're just looking at messing with different sounds and whatnot, I'd say get a multi-effects. If you can afford it, go with the Pod X3 Live. My digitech rp250 is pretty cool, but it would be nice to have a better one.
I play alt rock, classic rock, metal and stuff like that... i have a crappy amp that i got with my fender... i have about 150 dollars
jesus christ man just go down to the store and try out a bunch and buy whichever YOU like the most. dont take anyones advice on which one you should buy first because their preferences arent the same as what you'd probably prefer. find something you like then get it or come back here and ask about it and what people think about it. pros and cons. that sort of thing.
thats what im diong... i just want to see whichever other ppl like... im still going to try and find the one i like the most... im just looking for the pros and cons now of what other people like
You should save up for a new amp imo.
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A Valve Junior combo is $150. Then start saving for pedals.
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I've been wanting to maybe buy a Digitech RP250. They're around 150$.

I think that's the way I'm going to go, just to get my first taste at effects. Then, maybe get single pedals after that.
If it's a tube amp, you're probably better getting individual pedals. (if it's a tube) Let the amp distort.
Otherwise, get an effects processor. Also, if you're using headphones, don't bother with an amp unless you need it.