Do any of you string your FR with the ball end at the tuners?

I had a guy tell me that's how he does his, and I'm wondering.....
He's either lying, mentally retarded or just plain dumb.

Or he cuts the balls off with scissors.
Yes you can do it, but what I've notice with 2 different set of strings I've used for my ibanez is that the thicker strings (E,A,D) don't have the wiring near the end.
I just cut the ball ends off.. Much easier!
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You can do it... there's no reason you can't wind the ball end of the strings on the tuners.

The reason people do this is so that they don't have to cut off the ball end. Whether or not this saves time and energy in the long run, I'm not clear. But it is a rather popular way of stringing up an FR.
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So I re-read the question
and realized I read it wrong.
I thought he said he put the ball ends at the bridge.
My bad.

Yeah that's how I do it too; ball ends at the tuners.
I guess you only have to make one cut per string.

And the tuner end may look a little neater I suppose.