I play piano in jazz band, though I was supposed to be the guitarist. It helps just to get the feel of the swing rhythm, and just to have the extra experience under your belt.
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well im a freshman this year and im playing in a Grade A jazz band with mostly seniors(not be brag :P) last year i play and it really helps with timing and playing cleaner with all the other instruments, one wrong note is easily heard
I love mine, but next year, the drummer graduates and as the OTHER good drummer (better but lower grade), leaves, I have to play drums, I like playing them though, but the guitar was refreshing in school after looking at so much drum music and not having chances to play while worrying about keys
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Couldn't read music that well so, umm, jazz.
yeah. jazz.
jazz really helped in my gore-grind prog drumming style.
jazz is brutal.
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Jazz band has been great for me. It's helped me out alot with doing bass fills and reading music.
I play guitar in my jazz band. It forces you to work on your sight reading and chords. It does nothing but make you a better musician.
I'm a guitarist but I played bass in jazz band for two years, and trombone in my freshman year. I think I'll be playing bass this year as well
I cant say that i have played in Jazz band, but when it comes to playing music with other people, any experience is good experience. Different styles, keeping time etc etc
I do have one pet peeve, as I haven't even played for two full years, I still hate ballads, not saying I can't play them, we had Georgia on my Mind last year, but I don't like playing them on guitar, drums though, easy as anything.
I'm in middle school, but I'm in the Jazz band. It's actually quite fun, and we've been using some keys I wouldn't normally play in, so it's nice to experiment with them.
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I didn't realize how good Jazz really was until the end of my Junior year.

Jazz is a really great genre. It gives you some foundations for chords, rhythm feel, improv, and lots of other things. You should really take advantage of being in one.

I know I will. I'm gonna steal all the Jazz Standards my school has
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ya bass
first year
its helping my technique and reading so much, so worth it

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Yep, I actually play the alto sax in ours. The pieces are really fun to play and they've really opened up some new music I've never listened to before. Like Gordon Goodwin and other guys..it's pretty much all awesome. And it's a nice change of pace to play songs in a swing rhythm in band.
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