I am planning to buy a tube distortion and a tube overdrive for metal. But my band plays other genres too, like rock, pop, punk, rock n roll, funk, shred, etc . Im thinking of getting a Blackstar HT-DISTX and a Digitech Bad monkey pedal. Is that a great combo? or can you please give me more opinions on what to get. thank you
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The Blackstar pedals don't sound very good. Seymour Duncan Twin Tubes are much better. Look into those, and perhaps a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde. Or any of their other lines. They make good stuff.

The bad monkey is fine. Oh. what amp are you using?
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If you're using a tube amp, go with the Seymour Duncan pedals. If you're using a solid state (like I am), I'd say go for the Blackstar pedals. I just bought a Blackstar HT-Dual (like literally an hour and a half ago), and I must say, it brought my Vox Valvetronix XL to a life that I didn't even know it had. The Bad Monkey should be pretty good to bring even more out of whatever you get.

Just my two cents.
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