We all lose control
And it's in that moment of bliss
That we pay the highest toll
Burning down the bridge
Now how will we mend this relationship
Do you propose
And don't say you're done with it
Because when you lie I always know

Sometimes it's best just to lie to ourselves
And say it will get better before it gets worse
Just keep getting back up
No matter how much it hurts

In time I believe
We'll get over ourselves
And learn when it's right
To go outside for help
But as of right now it's just me and you
And we still have a lot of work to do
To rebuild this bridge
i don't feel as though this piece had much punch, it just seemed to meander a long without much purpose. this seemed a shame especially considering the bold title you used. also imo it was a little too obvious, you didn't really create much atmosphere.
keep at it though. writing's all about practise really.
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Im not going to lie: I LOVE THE TITLE

Its what drawed me into your piece.

The point of story is oh too familiar and it seemed to be over done by sit-coms like "Friends" and "Scrubs" but I like the idea of putting it into a song.

That we pay the highest toll
Burning down the bridge

Those lines were really cool and I like in the last stanza how you come back to the bridge idea.

I know it was a short crit but if you would not mind take a look at mine

Preferably the newest
^This post was probably sarcastic


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