hey guys, i recently just got a toneport ux1 and some speakers and a ibook g4(the older version). anyway i want to start recording but i dont know which software to use. i heard that garageband works just fine but i hear other people saying get audacity. i need something that is free because i am now living on breadcrumbs because of this studio.
another thing i need in the software is the ability to program drumbeats because i dont have a drum set. i tried using the one on garageband but its a little tedious. unless someone can tell me a better way to do it.

oh yeah and it would be great if i could download any of these. not a ripped off program, but a free downloadable program.

thanks for your help!
Audacity wont run on Macs, Reaper is mostly for PC as well...ive heard its hard to find a Mac installer.

You may want to go with a lower priced paid for software such as Sonar or Cubase. ...or you can simply use the free GarageBand...
i dont mind using garageband. people tell me its a good one to start of with. but i need a easier programme to program beats. or can someone tell me the best way to do it on garageband?
i agree with you there I hate trying to do drums with garageband, but my friend bought a MIDI keyboard at best buy and it works pretty good for doing it. I just have no idea how to edit certain beats and everything. I'm a fan of the step sequencers