a very personal song i've been writing and recorded tonight. i hope you like it, please give me any feedback!

one half of a verse is about a kid who bought heroin that was really battery acid and died after he used it. i never met him personally, but i've been thinking about him lately and thats the outcome of it.

the song "to love you" also would like to be critiqued if you have time :P

Your voice is good, just a little flat occasionally ("so muuuuuuuuuuuch aside"). The dual vocal tracks on "falling leaves" is a really good touch. Catchy guitar part, I could imagine it getting stuck in my head. Overall, I say it's a pretty damn good song.
thanks! and yes, i do agree that my voice falters quite often. i'm still learning, as i always will be. there's only room for improvement, i suppose.

thanks though, i'm glad you liked it!

thanks winnipeg! i've only heard a few of Beck's songs but i did like them. i'm glad you think so
ahha yeah two replies... lucky me. i hope the keep coming :P i used to do the crit for crit thing but half the people never crit'd me back. i posted in your thread, so thanks
even though i'm not a fan of "3 word criticisms," sure.

anyone else?
anyone else? c'mon, two songs for you to tear up! :P