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I really want to die. I hate this life so much.
So, I asked my parents to buy me a laptop so that I can carry out my recordings, do some schoolwork and research on guitar and blablabla but my parents, they rejected saying that they can't afford to buy me one. Isn't this too much?
Yea, I could get some job but they pay very less in here(i live in Nepal) and I'd collect the money only after 2-3 years or so. I dont even own a rig, I play my brother's old and intonation prob. guitar. I find my parents very irresponsible towards me.
If they had to raise me this bad, I wish they didnt give birth to me.
I wanted a laptop so bad and they turned me down. I am so frustated with life.

You wanna die because your parents won't get you a laptop?

Idgy boo.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Dont lie, you wanted the laptop so you could fap whereever you went......what kind of sick bastard denies thier child portable porno???
Poor you, no laptop. EVERY kid should have a laptop. Why would you collect the money after 3 years? If the jobs around there suck that much, what makes you think your parents can afford it on top of paying to feed, cloth, bath, house, etc, you?
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I quote another UGer, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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I wanted to, so bad until someone came in my life recently.
A laptop isnt that important buddy, you have to realise that.
So what if you don't have the luxuries as other families.
You're not the only one, remember that.
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things get hard sometimes, it's a part of life

don't get so caught up over just one just makes things worse in the end
Oh f*ck it,
I'm gonna have a party.
I had the blankest year,
I watched life turn into a TV show.
It was totally weird.
I tried not to read that with a prejudice. That being said, just get some perspectice. Enjoy your youth. It's not so bad.
wow.....just wow.
epic fail.
grow some balls man. shit like that happens. just get a microphone to record into the computer u r using now.
or do you only want a laptop just to look at pron? lol
seriously get over it, most kids think that there parents suck but all in all they are just being normal.
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Your parents cant afford a laptop and theyre irresponsible?

Holy shit I just starred(sp?) at your avatar for so long.

Stop complaining and get a job.
You want to die because your parents can't afford to buy you a laptop? Maybe they want to spend their money on other things, you know, like food and shelter for you. Ungrateful asshat....
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Wahmbulance? :O

Seriously, this is dumb. I'd never commit suicide, unless i was jacked up on drugs or something. ESPECIALLY OVER A ****ING LAPTOP.

Meh life is over, mama. I cannot live without a laptop. Farewell cruel world...
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I quote another UGer, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

permanent solution? that sounds like ONE HECK OF A DEAL!
I wanted a laptop so I got a job and worked for a year and then bought it. And I also play my dad's 15 year old ibanez silver series. I don't own my own guitar, which is perfectly fine, it still plays just as well as if it were mine.
wow so original, i see these once a week here
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WHAT!!! i thought this thread would be about u having a bad breakup, someone close dying, or at least some akward-social-puberty problems!!!

NO! its about a damn laptop!! JESUS. please learn how to be at least decent at complaining in the pit. please get a girlfriend and get dumped and then post a thread.
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You wanna die because your parents won't get you a laptop?

Idgy boo.

Idgy boo times 2
You want to die... Yet you're posting threads on UG? That's no way to go about accomplishing your goals! Now get out there and start dying!!
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Pleasure2kill, you are a genius!
Obvious troll apparently isn't very obvious to most people.
Are you serious? My parents won't buy me a laptop, I never even asked for one. Instead, I'm working every day to save up for my own laptop bought from my own money that I can appreciate with my own... appreciation.

Maybe you should respect that your parents see that you don't really need a laptop and maybe you should work to get it yourself.
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wow so original, i see these once a week here

I know
Ive learned to just be a jerk about it or ignore it
well, you clearly already have a computer, seeing that you're on UG

why do you need the computer to be portable? is your guitar not portable?

move the guitar near the computer you are currently using, and record
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oh and your complaining about having other peoples guitars, your playing guitar for the wrong reason. we all go through that phase but now most people just want to play things, doesnt matter if its there own or not.
they pay very less eh?

I can see that you needs many monies to buy much things. Just do more better at school and make morer monies when you gets a bestest jobs. Then you can buy much laptop.

Also, quit being a very less bitch.

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Ok i'm using a ****IN cellphone ok!
And for the computer, i get to use a computer only for about hour a day.
If i do a job, i would get only 50dollars a month.
Yea, epic fail or whatever. Wish this happened to and you would have known
and I wont die, wtf. I just said i want to, but I wont.
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