I recently got a cheap strat from a friend, good deal, nice guitar, neck is great, body is great, etc. Only problem is the electronics don't work. I replaced the pots and wiring and still nothing, so I'm fairly certain it's the pickups themselves. Well, I've also got a single hum pickguard so I was thinking of picking up an EMG89 and throwing it in.

What I want to know is: how's the sound when split? I like the 85 sound for hard/classic rock, but is the split sound worth anything? I'd like to have some decent clean to slightly overdriven tones with a bit of strat feel, but is the 89 going to be too heavy for this?

Or is there anything that would be a decent alternative that will give me both hard rock and dirty blues in the bridge position?

And yes I know it's going to be basically a one trick pony, I don't really care, the guitar was basically free and I don't have anything for high gain playing.
I actually quite like it. Sounds very close to the EMG SA I believe.

There are plenty of blues players that like the EMG 85 for an overdriven blues sound.
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The 89 in humbucker mode is the 85 I do believe.

I really love mine in mah ibanez RG320. Sounds extremely fendery, with that round middy tone that Fenders are famous for. IMO, sounds better than any passive humbucker's imitation of a single coil when split. Great for blues, and going back into humbucker mode is kind of like a mini overdrive.

My only complaint is the volume difference between the split and standard mode, it's quite a large difference, although the clean tone you can get from it is much greater than the volume loss.
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