i wrote this tonight. please comment?

to clarify i AM NOT a little emo kid, im just not feeling well.

Stare into these dead eyes,
and tell me there is light.
i'll know you're lying.
there's nothing left,
a cold empty shell.

In this abyss, it all fades,
as i walk through the black,
smog thickens in my lungs.
i cannot breathe, i dont want to anyways.

Take it from me,
take the feeling.
take this apathy,
I'll sit in a deep trance,
reminiscing of the times when i was alive,
because now im not.
**** it, i dont want to be anyways.

You can stole it.
you ripped it from my body,
in a frenzy of blood and gore.
im laying on the ground,
my insides exposed for the world to see,
i rot for you.

now while i stare at the night sky,
i can feel myself dissolving into the heavens.
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I edited your title for you, please read the rules before your next post in here.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
'there's nothing left,
a cold empty shell.'
Very cliché.
Stanza 2 doesn't flow (well, to me anyways, but you probably already have a rhythm in your head, right?).
Stanza 3 is mediocre.
Stanza 4 I LIKE. =D 'I rot for you' EPIC.
Except 'You can stole it.' Improper grammar.
The last 2 lines are pretty awesome too.
All in all, IT'S KICKASS. =)
Sorry for the double post, but do you mind if I make a song with these lyrics?
I'll give you partial credit, of course.
...unless you already intended on doing so, in which case, have fun.
it was a little boring. there wasn't much innovation or imagination really, i feel as though i've read about some black abyss a million times over.
i'd try and focus on writing something more creative. let your senses do more talking.
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emos forever