I have a faded Gibson sg special with worn out stock strings. I want to buy a new set of strings that are the same gauge. What gauge strings do i need to buy? Also, what brand do you suggest? I've heard that ernie balls are the best.
there is no "best" string brand, its all personal preference. but anyway, your guitar probably came stock with .10's
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there is no "best" string brand, its all personal preference. but anyway, your guitar probably came stock with .10's

yea +1
I use rotosound and I think it's the best...
yea I think .10's
I use Ernie Ball because they advertise everywhere that the "pros" use em.
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Basically if Ernie Ball strings rust on you in less than 2 weeks, you need to use D'Addarios. Or vice versa

There are other brands out there, but keep in mind, D'Addario is the worlds largest string manufacturer. Other companies might have a very slightly different alloy blend, but it can't venture too far from a regular nickel string or the tone will suffer, and chances are it's being manufactured in the D'Addario plant, with D'Addario's hex core.
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Elixirs might be a bit overpriced but they won't rust as fast as others that I used.

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Daddario 10-46. rotosounds are good too but i think their 10-46 gauge is a bit thinner than that of daddario.
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Elixirs might be a bit overpriced but they won't rust as fast as others that I used.

they last me at least a month, with gigging about every other week and practice every week

not to mention at least 4 hours a day of bedroom playing

It's worth it to try though, nanoweb elixers.
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Hi I starded playing in the 70s E-Ball super Slinky in the pink I will be 50 this year at that time I looked what Rush Guitaras used and jimmy Page in guitar MAG B Ball now for bass 1976 ROTO Sound rs66ld hope this was helpful
Only pick nickelwound strings if you are SURE you're not allergic. My mate was and he couldn't play for a month
I'd go for 9/10, d'Addario
D'Addario strings for sure.
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Ernie Ball Strings are the best hands down. Best Tone & Feel by far.
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meh its all opion dont listen to what any1 is saying buy a set of strings and see if u like them or not if u dont then switch its simple logic really.
a list of brands to try:
ernie ball

those are much the top brands i can think of. i know a few other companies but i dont think there as big.
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I would agree it's personal preference. I used Ernie Balls for years and they're great. D'Addarios are great too, though I never really rated Rotosound for some reason. If you want something to last longer then the Elixirs are excellent and last a hell of a lot longer. Skull strings are also worth a try.

NB: If you get Elixir strings please keep in mind that a 10 gauge Elixir will feel thicker than any other 10 due to the coating.
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I use Ernie Ball Regular Slinkies for my electric, while I use Elixir Nanowebs for my acoustic.
I'm almost positive it came with 10's. My favorite brand is D'Addario, but I would recommend trying a different company every time you change your strings until you find one that feels good for you. Strings are a very individual thing.
I use D'Addario 9s I like a light guage string and Guitar Center and Daddy's always has a deal on bulk packs for less than $30.00. When you have as many guitars as I have you need to save some dough any place you can. IMHO D'Addarios are great and so far have never let me down. Again it's personal preference.