I know a lot of threads have been started about both pickups but I couldn't find one that compares between the two. I tried searching youtube for that but no help. Mostly breed bridge videos.

I have an Ibanez RG4EXQM1 (basswood) and I am putting a Tone Zone in the bridge position on it. I've been looking at different pickups to go in the neck with it on dimarzio's website. I narrowed my search down to either Breed or PAF Pro. Someone told me Air Zone would be good to go with Tone Zone but then a lot of people told me it gets a little bassy and muddy and doesn't clean up real well. So here I am, trying to figure out what to go with Tone Zone in the brdige and a Chopper in the middle.

Please, help me out choose between Breed neck and PAF Pro. I am looking for a loud yet smooth/warm sound from the neck pickup which is good on cleans and aggressive on gain.

Any help in this regard would be great!
Thanks for the suggestion. I read up on it. The output isn't as hot as PAF Pro.
Help me choose between PAF Pro & Breed.
^+1. Breeds would be better in a basswood guitar.
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Yeah, I think I will go with a Breed neck. I wish somenoe did a video review on youtube for that. I'll probably do one once I get mine and have it put in.

Thanks for the replies
thanks a lot. that was great help
breed neck does have a very vintage feel to it.