I was at the Knoxville show tonight, and before the show one of the techs came out and tuned up 3 guitars: some sort of Harmony (I think an H-47, which Dan didn't play the entire night), and two 3xx Ricks, both six strings, one with a flamed maple top and the other with a flat maple glo finish. They were definitely different models, one had kind of a carved perimeter on the top of the body, but I can't pick them out of a lineup on the website. One of them was in open-G and the other was standard, and those two were all he played all night.

I can't find any mention of Dan using Ricks on the webbernets, so I'm just wondering if this is a first. I was surprised because in all the videos I'd seen on YouTube he's almost always playing an old Strat or a white SG.