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I am having problems with my low E and A string unwinding once in a while (too often to be caused by old strings). At the moment those 2 are the only strings i am 'breaking' regulary.

After some searching the most comming problems are a sharp edge or a too low stringgauge. But neither seem to be the case here. The unwinding does take place at the bridge where the strings 'bend'. But they seem to be bent by a smooth round shape.

Some info
string gauge: 0.10
guitar: Ibanez SAS 32 FM (SAT pro bridge)

I figured it might be the angle of the bridge. I locked it after getting the guitar. A couple of months ago i decided to add 2 springs in the back and remove te wood i locked it with. The bridge isnt positioned parallel to the guitar but as it moves back it gets closer to the wood. Eventually touching it. So should i try removing a spring if it is the angle of the bridge or are there any other suggestions that might cause the problem. All 5 springs are in there now.

Thanks a lot in advance
First of all, the bridge should be parallel to the guitar body, otherwise the strings are bending over the saddles at the wrong angle which could be causing problems in both intonation and string life. So you might wanna start off by getting the guitar professionally set up and see if that helps.

Other than that, it could just be that you're using shitty strings. What brand are you using? I've found that for trems, D'addario or Ernie Balls work best since they seem to have a little more flex in them so they deal with the constant change in tension a little better, although the tone isn't generally as beefy. For fixed bridges (If you ever block your trem again), I'd recommend Dean Markley or GHS Boomers since they're slightly stiffer and enhance the meaty tone of a fixed bridge guitar nicely.

And avoid Dunlop strings at all costs if you want to have them on your guitar longer than 2 weeks. They rust quickly and break just as quickly.
oke thanks,

i'm using D'addario strings by the way forgot to mention that
and i take i can set my bridge professionally at any guitar shop
Yeah any half decent guitar shop should be able to do a full setup for not too much at all. This'll include adjustment of the truss rod, string saddles to fix any intonation problems, restring/string stretch, general tightening of any loose parts etc. Well worth it and you will notice the difference in playability.

Obviously it'd be worth mentioning the string breakage issue when you take it in so they can keep an eye out for anything that might be causing it.