Hey, I'm thinking about selling my 2002 squier affinity strat... its a 20th anniversary edition. I really need to know a fair asking price. I really appreciate the help if anyone knows.
It's a second hand Squier, so you can't expect much for it.
I bought one a while back for $50 AUS, which was a good deal, but I wouldn't have bought it for anymore than $100.
So, I dunno.
They depreciate in value a huge amount, as do all beginner guitars.
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Thanks guys. I honestly would be very happy with $100. I know Squiers are only $180 new so I didn't expect much, but I just wasnt sure if it had any more value for the 20th aniversary thing..... It would probably be worth something if I saved it for 50 years, but forget that. I want a real guitar.