anybody know of any good simple songs to learn? just easy stuff, no solo required, a few chords. like even accoustic. stuff along the lines of (flame sheild up!) blink-182's "what went wrong"
on call - kings of leon....
hell song(solo or no... your choice) - sum41
dammit - blink 182
um..... teen spirit......
most(all) songs by the ramones......
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I just finished learning Hawksley Workman's "We Will Still Need a Song". Great song, and a grand total of 5 chords.
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Really easy?

Jimi Hendrix - "Hey Joe"
Nirvana - "Polly"
The Beatles - "Eight Days A Week"
Smashing Pumpkins - "Disarm"

None are tough, and all are acoustic. Yet not many know them.
when i first started i learned a bunch of early Green Day songs (i dont really care for them but they are fun to play). It really builds your confidence to learn full songs that you can play start to finish
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Paranoid by Black Sabbath

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anything by Blink 182 or the Offspring...I love both of them...its what I started out with...sadly I hardly play songs from either of them anymore
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alot of pink floyds songs are basic,,,,, but he is gods guitarist,,,,,,, as well as you think you can play a song of his,,,,,, you listen to david gilmour play,,,,,,and think why the **** am i even bothering,,,,,,,,,,look a lot of pink floyds songs,,,,,,welcome to my machine,,,,,,,wish you were here,,,,,,,have some very nice riffs you can work on,,,,, i dont play professionally play ,,,just for myself,,,,,i am self taught and seriously have created some awesome little tunes,,,,,,just from ripping a few floyd songs,,,,,,, just remember keep practising,,,,,,
go check out the guitar & bass basics forum. the pit is not for guitar related questions.
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