Gday i wasnt really in the market for a new amp, but i found a randall RG50tc for a reasonable price, it is apparently a few years old and i am told that the power tubes may need replacing soon as the amps been used quite a bit, but other than that its in good condition.

In general, is it a good or bad idea to buy a second hand tube amp?

Also whats the deal with replacing the power tube, is it a DIY, how much approx should the parts cost?

What else to check for?

THanks for your help
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If the rest of the amp is in good nick, I don't see why not. Change the tubes and you're rockin'.
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If you are unsure about how to switch the powertubes, just take it to a tech. If you are lucky they might do it for free, since it's a lowcost service. If you supply your own powertubes they'll charge next to nothing. At least they do were I live.
Amps are usually built to similar specifications as tanks, so they're fairly robust. Like Shadow says just check the valves and you should be ok... might also want to check the output transformer incase its melted.
Yeah, it sure is a good idea, just take it to a tech, get the tubes installed and biased and you'll be away.
Something that big, tubes might get a little pricey. But, even if it comes out to the same price new, at least it'll sound better 'cause of them new tubes
well what are we talkin bout here, i have no idea how many tubes it needs, but what r they 50 bucks each or 300 bucks each? How many tubes does it have 1 or 20?

I have no idea about tube amps if someone could just give me a rough idea that would be great, then ill be able to figure out whether its worth while or not
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