I'm having some problems with the bridge on a jackson dinky firestorm. I thought it was the same as the bridge on my RR3 - which is quite good at staying in tune, but with this one, I just can't touch it without it deciding to play about with me.

Is there anything I could do to improve how well it stays in tune? I cant really lube the nut because its a locking nut. Is it just a case that I'm gonna have to put up with it?
youre talking about the DX10DFS guitars right? i have one from 2005 :p

as for your problem, my trem was fine for ages up until a couple of months ago. i bought a tremol-no and locked the sucker down and now i hold tune for weeks albeit without any trem functionality.

i also investigated switching the trem out with an OFR and its a direct swap, no additional routing required. i just didnt have the extra cash for the floyd.

also for the record it is the same bridge as the RR3 but since the firestorm was discontinued those bridges have become far more reliable. i think the black ones are good, the chrome ones not so much as a general rule.