I'm looking to buy my friends custom guitar from the UK, but i'm worried about import tax.

If he's sending the guitar split into body and neck, will it still count as a guitar? My mate bout a bass from the US and had to pay £95.

How do they work out the tax?

I'm only paying £150ish for the guitar.

Thanks in advance for the help Pit!

There is a set percentage you have to pay when it is coming into the UK and then when your not home to sign for it you have to go back and pay the handling fee wqhich is normally more...

HOWEVER! I think there is a loop hole... if you have "gift" written all over it I dont think there is a customs charge... check it out...
Thanks Jackal!! That was helpful.

Im gonna have to pay Customs Duty and Import VAT. I dont know exactly how much it is, but i'll look through the site you sent.

Just as an interesting note, in Australia, stringed instruments are 5% tax for the customs and 10% govenment tax. But if a stringed instrument is played with a bow; eg. violin, cello... theres no 5% tax for the customs... I find it absolutely wacked out... anyones country got similer BS rules?
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you have to pay 17.5 plus tax depending on what you bring and where you bring it from. you might get away with guitars being tax excempt due to educational purposes