I really would love to start playing (or attempting would be more truthful) slide guitar.
Problem 1...I'm possibly a tad heavy handed and my strat's action is not set too high so the frets get bumped...there's no way I'm going to change the action on it, besides I'll probaby need to play around with the tuning.
Problem 2...Don't exactly have a great deal of money to spend on another guitar so I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for a fairly reasonably priced guitar that would do this job. I know there's a whole bunch of cheap guitars around but I'd rather take advice in the first instance from some of you who may have been down that route.

Thanks in advance
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There are some who use a Strat for slide playing, but I'm not a fan. Too bright.

Fix for problem 1: Finesse. You're going to have to learn it. Can't play Slide without it.

Fix for problem 2: Ibanez Artcore, Epiphone G-400, Epiphone Alleykat, pretty much any guitar with a fixed bridge and low output non-fendery single coils.
Pretty much any guitar with an action high enough that stays in tune will do. Even one with shitty frets will do, because you won't be using them
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me personal, i just learn Finesse *cough* (still suck at slide guitar)

but, if your really broke, just make your own, http://www.instructables.com/id/2-piece-4-string-slide-guitar, i would use a bridge from a cheap guitar, tho and set it high.

would also be funner to build your own, then buying another guitar. only problem is that is has no frets at all so, you can only use it for slide, unless, you set your action low, and magically, you get a fret less guitar. mmmm two for one deal
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