Anyone here going to Napier university (in Scotland)? More specifically, studying popular music?

Just curious to see if any of my future class mates use this site with freshers week being next week.

Or if anyone is currently studying at Napier, what's it like? Views, experiences, etc.
Yeah i'm going to napier not doing the music course (1 of my mates is) but i'm going to some of the freshers week stuff
To Cobain: How do they find?

To Caz: Look out for me, long hair, glasses, most likely wearing something to do with Metallica.
To Pablo: That's good to hear. I'm really looking forward to going, but I'm anxious at the same time. Just trying to see if I've got anyone that won't be a total stranger at freshers. I know one person, and that's it, that is going to Napier from my old school.

I know that's probably true, and not funny in the slightest, I just found the phrasing amusing.

I just imagined a 40 year old women with a 90's baggy pink tshirt and sunglasses, skating along the 'boardwalk' on a fishboard shouting 'yeah man, Napier is totally rad'
Napier sounds like Rapier which sounds like Rape.

Rape University. Sweet.

On topic: nope. never heard of it.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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