i just bought a new evh flanger pedal from the stATes, i brought it back home to canada pluged it into my fender hot rod deluxe and its really loud, and when i play the guitar it doesnt pick up the sound of the guitar only the flangers sound(like a loud siren) even when i turn the effect off and turn my amp up loud and play i can still faintly hear it. does anyone have a clue whats up with this i hjave other pedals and they work fine. thanks for your time, ryan
Is it plugged in the right way?

TEchnically there should be no problem running it because its at a constant 9 volts anyway (i assume), and I dont think canada and USA voltage is any different anyway
ya i have my delay plugged in the same way but still no luck im startin to think mabey somethin got loose in their durin the flight, im gonna bring it into a dealer soon see what they think.
Check the battery. If it's true bypass, when the pedal is not powered the signal is cut dramatically.

If it isn't true bypass, I have no idea.