I go to school near NYC and a few of my friends from back home want to come down and jam on a street corner in the city. Does anybody know what the situation is with the town and street performers? Do you need a permit or something?

Also, any other tips would be appreciated. We've only ever done this in much smaller towns.
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No permit or anything like that is needed. Only thing you have to worry about is if you are using amps cops can legally tell you to move if you are playing to loud (by there judgment of course). I dunno if playing for money would be considered panhandling though but musicians I know do it all the time so I wouldn't worry about it.
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it's not illegal in the states because arresting you would be a violation of artistic free speech (i.e. unconstitutional). however, you have to consider noise violations and location when you go about it. that's all i can really tell, though. have at it
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