Hi guys/girls, I recently bought a Gibson Marauder 2nd hand (the only way possible considering they aren't in production anymore) and I get feedback of it when I have the distortion on...but when I put my finger on the metal part surrounding my pickup selector the feedback goes away completely...I was wondering could this be because of faulty wiring? I havn't heard of a marauder getting feedback from all the reviews I read so I don't think its to do with the actual pickups.

Note: when I touch the metal switchs for turning my amp from off/standby/on and clean/dirty the feedback also goes away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
I have no idea, but it could be a grounding problem... Since it goes away when you touch the guitar.
I think your pickups aren't grounded properly. When you touch the metal on your guitar your body acts as a ground, thus eliminating the buzz that in your case is bad enough to cause feedback. Check and see if the pickups are wired to ground properly.
A definate grounding problem, I've just sorted my pickups out with that today.
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I need bring it to the shop I guess then...have no tools in my house

anyone know how much it would cost for them to fix that and a reset the bridge in the UK?
that sounds like a grounding problem, either with your amp or guitar. check your wiring inside the guitar and make sure that everything (especially the pickup selector switch) is grounded together and connected to the shaft on your input. the amp would be harder to check, though you can just pull the console out a bit and make sure that the input is grounded correctly. if you still cant find it, take it to a shop. the high voltages in an amp are dangerous, and you run a huge risk of damaging your amp if you try futzing around in there without a good working knowledge of electronics.

just to clarify, what kind of noise is it? feedback is a loud hum, whereas an open ground will produce a buzzing sound or even perhaps a 60-cycle hum which is kinda like a buzzing sound that has a wave that hums in and out. feedback is generally considered a good thing in hard rock and metal, and usually just comes from having your amp up too loud or facing the amp with the pickups...

hope this helps
isn't my amp cause my other guitars work fine in it :P

sorry about that, deffiantly the buzzing sound, there was just a bit of feedback mixed up in it