I'm a bit overwhelmed with the amount of chords, scales, modes and so forth. From the beginning to the top, what order should these skills be practiced?
Most beginners start with Open chords, the move onto barre chords then chord progressions.

So an example of skill order should be

Open Chords
Power Chords
barre Chords
Chord Progressions in Major Keys
Proggression in Minor Keys

However thats only a small portion of the idea. I dont want this ranked in difficulty but rather importance and use on where to start.
as a beginner you should definately start with the major chords and power chords. So learn A maj and then A#5 power chord. B maj, B#5 etc... You need to get your fingers adjusted so that you can access these quickly. I would also concentrate on finger excercises. run chromatic scales(all notes) starting with open E through the 4th fret (G#) and repeat down all strings. Do this backwards as well and also try alternate picking. U can do this just sitting around watching tv or whatever. takes relatively no mental ability but it will really help with getting your fingers ready to play anything. hopefully that makes sense
And after that, which i have learned where do i go from there. Most people say start with Major and Minor pentatonic. Now the problem where i run into is that there is a shitload of positions to play those in. How do you go about learning them properly.