Tiesco guitar and VALVE amp. from the sixties/early seventies. Thue guitar still has its original cardboard box and instructions and tag

open to offers

This guitar makes a very cool BLACK KEYS style sound,I am tempted to keep it and try and learn slide on it.

Small amplifier 12” x 15” x 4 ¾” approx made by Audition - model 51155, this amp is rated at 3 watts. Very good condition, volume is not very loud and there is a noticeable hum so amp may need servicing. My friend fixes amps and is going to have a look at it for me, but its still cool.

Electric guitar with original box and leaflet, box has model 1031 printed on end flap. Guitar has one pick up & tremolo arm, electricsworking, chrome plate is a bit tarnished and there is a small dent on body, see pics, otherwise in very good condition

marked audition but Tiescos were imported in under many names, if you do a google on it, theres lots of info.

its pretty rare to get the amp and guitar together,especially with a box as well.

Teisco guitars sold in the United States were badged "Teisco Del Rey" beginning in 1964. Teisco guitars were also imported in the U.S. under several brand names including Silvertone, Jedson, Kent, Norma, Kingston, Kimberly, Tulio, Heit Deluxe and World Teisco. Likewise, they were imported in the U.K under such labels as Arbiter, Audition, Kay and Top Twenty. While guitars manufactured by Teisco were ubiquitous in their day, they are now very collectable. In fact, highly sought after models are now being reproduced.

From 1948 to the early 1960's Teisco products were often, like many Japanese products of the period, close copies of American and Western European products of the time including Hagström and EKO. However, in the early 1960's Teisco products became increasingly unique. Teisco guitars became notable for unusual body shapes, such as the May Queen design resembling an artist's palette, or other unusual features such as having four pickups (most guitars have two or three). The vast amount of controls; typically an individual switch for each pickup, plus a tone or phase-cancellation switch, along with as many as five tone and volume knobs gave a wide variety of sounds yet were easily switched while playing. After Kawai bought Teisco in 1967, they started to produce all the Teisco guitars, as well as their own brand, Apollo. Hound Dog Taylor famously used a variety of these Kawai-era Teiscos, which he bought at his local Sears department store. Jim Reid of The Jesus and Mary Chain used a Spectrum V.

Many Teisco guitars had a primitive tailed bridge in their extended tail bridges with limited timbre when used in an extended technique. When the strings are attacked behind the bridge, a 3rd bridge sound is created. This is one of the reasons these guitars became popular again during the 90s among many noise artists as a cheaper alternative for the Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster, which were beginning to attract collector interest.

Teisco also produced numerous models of guitar and bass amplifiers which were often sold under the Checkmate brand name, but also named Teisco or Silvertone. In the 1950s, early amplifier models were very basic 5-10 watt tube/valve designs. During the 1960s, more advanced and powerful models were offered, such as Checkmate 25 and Checkmate 50, featuring dual channels, reverb and tremolo effects. Teisco also made solid-state (transistor-based) models, some designed no less radically than their guitars of the time.
offers welcome, trades welcome.

I would be looking to sell them together. I dont really want to split them up.
I would be looking at £200 or nearest offer
I also have a vintage sg,tokai les paul, two danelectro pedals - a reverse pedal(make stuff sound backwards) and a fab tone distortion.

so any offers will be great
I'm quite interested, although only in the guitar really, havn't really got £200 to spend on two things i havn't heard or tested.
Guitar in full working order?
As is the amp just out of interest?
Hi. well you are more than welcome to come and try them, and I would take a partial trade,
both sound great and are in very good condition for the age. i suspect its been in a cupboard or loft or something. I have had it for a bit, but I was planning to strip it, it just doesnt need that kind of work though, and would be a shame. someone told me they had one years ago and stripped in and painted it silver with purple dots, that seems totally wrong to me, its a vintage guitar, thats been kept very well, and should be treated as such I think.
I dont wish to split them though. but make me an offer for the two and you may be lucky

Review of the Danelectro Wasabi Forward Reverse Delay by The Man in the Jar

Up to (a disconcerting) three seconds of delay. And you can have that backwards!
Danelectro Wasabi Forward Reverse Delay
Features of the Danelectro Wasabi Forward Reverse Delay

Construction - This quite large pedal looks like a car that The Jetsons might drive. The raised tailfins actually house the lights that indicate that the unit is on. The metal construction looks fairly bomb-proof and the metal base-plate has a thick rubber grip with a flip-catch trapdoor for battery access.

Ins and Outs - Standard jack in and jack out, with an additional stereo out.

Power - One 9 volt battery or optional dc power transformer.

Controls - There are four knobs on the top panel. The Mix knob controls the relative levels of the wet and dry signals (this means you can mix the echoed "wet" signal in with the unaffected "dry" sound). Speed controls the frequency of the echo (this goes from 0 to 3000 milliseconds - which is 3 seconds). Speed can also be controlled from the tap footswitch. A clear visual indication of the Speed is given by the flashing of one of the tail-lights. How long your echo takes to decay is controlled by the Repeat knob, this goes from one repeat all the way to infinity (but not beyond). A vintage feel is added by the Hi-Cut knob which reproduces the sonic inefficiency of mechanical tape machines by introducing a high frequency bleed which increases successively with each repeat.
In the middle of the control panel is a lighted push-button that reverses the delay. So if you slide a note up the Wasabi will echo it sliding down. This is fascinating stuff and opens up the way to reverse-attack solo sounds so beloved of 60's psychedelic rock recordings.
There's a switch on the back panel which is a pickup selector with three settings. One boosts the signal for single-coils, one attenuates the signal for higher output pickups and a central position puts the unit in "neutral".

Sound of the Danelectro Wasabi Forward Reverse Delay

The versatility of effects available from the Wasabi is wide-ranging and the controls are very intuitive. I found that because of this the unit encourages experimentation, which in turn seeds creativity.
Overall Impressions of the Danelectro Wasabi Forward Reverse Delay

I realised whilst testing this unit that I've never owned a delay stomp-box. This is certainly due to an uneasiness about how and when they should be used. The Wasabi has changed all of that and I'm very tempted to take one home.

Freakiest moment? Turn the Mix control to 100% echo (so your dry signal is silent) and hit the Reverse Button.


£100 new so make an offer or trade for a different pedal. cool pedal by the way.
i just tend to use amplitube to do the effects now. its boxed as well and in tip top condition
Well regarding the guitar and amp, i'll get back to you tomorrow once i've had a check of my funds.
Might pop over and have a try end of next week if they're still available.
Been looking for a vintage guitar for a while now, with something like this is mind, so is what i'm looking for
I will leave this here for a week and then ebay it. let me know if your keen on.

vintage sg-danelectro pedals and tokai les paul all up for sale as well
Alrighty update time

4. Teisco 1960's guitar- in great condition, and I have changed the strings, lemon oiled the neck, adjusted the truss rod, and cleaned it up. it must have been stuck away in someones loft or something, it is in better condition than many modern guitars I have bought, this also comes with the original box and instructions, wow hey, dead rare for that to happen.

5. I have a teisco amp as well. 3w all valve, a great match for the guitar.

Contact me if your keen on any item.

What type of tone does the amp have? Can you get a nice crunchy overdrive?

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If crap came in a package, it would probably be wrapped in this