im not tryin to be stupid or anything, but could someone explain to me the difference between like, dreadnought acoustics, jumbos and all the types, coz i dont really understand the differences.

is it just like size or wateva?

cheers in advance.
the size and shape are diferent consequently they have different tones, they sound diferent .

i hope this helps..
There isn't really one specific "type" of guitar that is better than the other. They are all made to be better at one thing than the other. Dreads are best suited of strumming chords. A jumbo is also very well suited for strumming, but they tend to have a little bit different sound than a dread. I think it is a more refined sound, but I'm not entirely sure. Then you have your grand auditorium/000/OM size guitar. They are very good for both flatpicking and fingerpicking. They tend to have a lighter, but much more refined sound than a dread or jumbo.

I'm almost positive that's how it is, but I would wait for an answer from jimtaka or captivate for the best answer.
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It's pretty much explained in this thread.


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which is better? im assuming its jumbo as they are more expensive...

There is no better or best. it's all about the tone you want. play the different body shops at a store and give it your own judgment.
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