Hi, this is my first post here, some background info methinks?

got my first guitar (Yamaha Pacifica) a few years ago when my bro gave up after like a week cause he didn't like the teacher. So i grabbed it off him and started messing around, got a new beginner lessons. Then lost a bit of interest, xmas 07 i got back into it again and got a Jackson KS30 (kelly, i think thats the number) and took a few lessons off a friend after getting hooked on metal and have been playing ever since, mainly using tab and self teaching. For an amp I now use a Line 6 Spider 2 (yea, ive read these forums b4 and they dont have that great of a reputation). That's all i think...

Anyway back to my question, i think i'm good enough to branch into becoming more lead guitarist, and i was wondering how is a good way of broadening into solos etc. any useful exercises or easy solos for me to have a try at?

Sorry for the wall of text, thanks in advance.
Learn scales.

Three solos I first learned were Comfortably Numb, Fade to Black, and Stairway to Heaven.
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Learn scales.

Learn theory. Honestly you should look at some solos and take away some riffs that you like and use them in your playing, but in my opinion learning to play a solo exactly like a song is boring and not very helpful (unless your going to cover the song). Learn scales and some music theory so you can tell what key the song is in, what scale the guitarist is soloing in, and then you can improvise your own stuff to the song. You can create your own solos then and it is more beneficial to you then just learning solos with no idea of the theory behind them.
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You can now play every Slayer song.
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