I have started to realize it may be an American thing as since living in London I haven't met anyone who knows Finger Eleven. I think people should know who they are way before Nickelback, but I guess it's just not that way. Anyways I have been awaiting the UK release of their 4th album Them vs. You vs. Me and just glad that it finally got here... anybody else in the forum listen to this?
I've seen them and heard that album but they weren't that great.
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I met Sonic Youth on June 30th, and Mars Volta on Oct 20th.
Went to see them a few years back. People here do know them but they're not the biggest of bands. They kind of missed the boat to be successful over here with the style of music they play.
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Love this album, I'm a big fan of Finger Eleven.

I got to see them at the Canadian Forces Rockfest this past summer and they really blew me away. I know they've been around for quite a long time, and i knew some of their stuff but this is definitely a band that sounds better live than they do on their CDs.
I have their 2000 album The Greyest of Blue Skies and s/t. First Time and Slow Chemical are my favorites. Not a big fan of their newer songs.
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