I will try to be as honest as posible on this description.
Here we have a G&L Legacy guitar that was most likely built from parts from an employee at the G&L Factory, I thought it was a Legacy HB when I bought it but when I took out the pickguard the body had written "Leg S" probably meaning that the body was from a Legacy special.
It has 2 really nice sounding G&L MFD Pickups on the middle and neck positions, and a JB humbucker in the bridge, G&L Dual Fulcrum Vibrato.
It is missing one knob and one of the tuners (High E) is not a G&L Tuner, it was replaced by another tuner, it just does not have the G&L Logo on the back of the tuner.
Now here is the thing, the neck is a little twisted... I had it setup at around 1.74mm action at the 12th fret and this way it does not get any buzz, it was intonated about 2 days ago.
Please note that it does not have a backplate, look at the pictures.
I'll try to get pictures of the twist to see how much it is twisted it's not too much but this is probably a guitar for someone that knows how to work on a guitar, about a week ago I had the truss rod nut replaced, the thing is that when I took it for a setup the tech said that he could not adjust the truss rod, he said it was as tight as it could be and he could not move it, so another tech said that this was the nut that was bad, so it was replaced for $75 and now has a new truss rod nut.
Honestly I have not tried to adjust the neck after the nut change, I just set the action and intonation and I play it the way it is, I don't want to mess with the neck anymore and I don't have money to take it for a setup.
So this is the deal, it sounds really good by the way.
Make me an offer


Let me just add this last thing, this was a note from an admin at the G&L forums

[Admin Note: per photos on G&LDP body was originally for Legacy Special- previous owner did several mods: s-500 neck&middle pickups & SD Humbucker for bridge pickup; new pickguard-TS; neck replacement]

You can see this by going here


Then go to "View a profile"

and use this email to view the note

It depends, what acoustic or electric, could I get some pics and info?
Cash I would say $500 plus shipping firm, I think this price is fair because of the neck problem, if everything was perfect I would ask around $650

Thanks, let me know if you are interested
Quote by Kontry
It depends, what acoustic or electric, could I get some pics and info?

I have a 1963 silvertone stratone 1420 electric. also a univox acoustic from 1969-1973. Both are in great shape and perfectly fine. Silvertone comes with the original case as well.

PM me your email and I can send you some pics..
Thanks but I'll pass, I was more interested in an electric but I'm not really into the whole vintage thing, thanks anyways.