i wrote these lyrics a few weeks ago about my life...depressing i know ahahaha and their are swear words i will tyry and hit at them but if you are offernded i mean no harm honestly.

Also any suggestions for style of music under it are appreciated but dont worry if not.


Your face like a beacon
my eyes constantly drawn
smile like a hook
keeps pulling me on... (rhymes with awn ahahahaha)


knowing that i cannot do anything
knowing that i cannot make the walk
that i must take to win
yet again unable to talk


we both had a s**t day
but what can i honestly say
i cannot get you alone
not even on the phone


your frinds give me the shakes
cos they think i cannot make
the leap to being yours
to beggin on all fours
for that little bit of respect
well what could i expect
you're too good for me
that's all my eyes can see


why am i so weak
so willing to keep
this f**king awful lifestyle
of always waiting a while


a thousand cliches running through me head
why can't i put this to bed
my frineds tell me im not a c**t
so why can't i hunt
and kill this urge to waver
and ever savour
this pain...

the veerrses were all written as one it just came out of me on a bored day lol

cheers link for any critting
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Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.