i've been playing for almost a year now and i feel its time for a new guitar. i either want a b.c. rich zombie, or an explorer (i don't care who makes it.) which should i get?
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Budget? I'm guessing you play metal, cause you want a BC Rich.

We need a budget!
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i'm looking at prices now, i don't want to spend over 700
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anything but a bc rich.

get a hamer explorer, tehyre pretty solidly built.
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i'm looking at prices now, i don't want to spend over 700

Maybe look at some Ibanez guitars, maybe a RG series. I wouldn't really trust any BC Rich under the mid level zone, they aren't usually the best guitars.

In my opinion.
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Check out Schecter. They don't look super "metal" but the $400+ ones all have EMG or Duncan pickups that suit metal well, my Hellraiser with stock EMG's blows my guitar teachers RG away for metal.
i like that devil spine one, ibenez are cool guitars to, i'll look at an X. i want a real bad ass guitar, somthing heavy metal looking
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If your after a BC Rich, then you have to remember these things:

1 - Never get a bronze series one

2 - if you get one, you may want to chang the pickups on it to get a better sound

3 - Platinum, Platinum Pro and NJ series are the dencent BC Rich ones to get.

I have played a BC Rich Zombie and i didnt find it comfortable to play. I'de say its one of the worst models they have made. It may look bad ass, but it is very discomforting you when you play it. The best BC Rich models i recon are the warlock, bich, mockingbird, gunslinger, ironbird and the beast (the beast may be discomforting aswell but its not as bad as the Zombie)

the main thing is to play it and see what you think. if you like it, go for it then.

If you dont want a bc rich, get either a jackson, dean or a ESP. preferably jackson