I got a Jackson RR3 a couple of weeks ago (love it)

But the longest fin sticks out to the side alittle, that makes it easy to bump it into things. And my always gig at small places:S

Can I use tape to protect the finish or will that damage it?
Umm it's going to get scratched eventually, I know you're all "But it's brand new and I want to keep it nice" but it will get scratched somehow and you'll just have to live with it after that
Try not to be so careless really.
/common sense.
Or just get some sticky back plastic and line the back of your guitar with that, if it works for iPods it might work for you.

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When it's scratched, it becomes vintage
But seriously, you can never keep your guitar scratch-free, because it is wood, and wood dent, and paint don't bend to well, so it flakes. Besides, once it is dented and scratched, it's REALLY yours, as no one else has a guitar quite like it. It gives you that feeling of a well used guitar.
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don't tape it....thats pointless. you don't want scratches because they look bad, but you're willing to put tape on it instead?
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Masking tape may be your best bet...decorators use it on walls to paint angles and then pull it off after without damaging the paint underneath. It shouldn't harm the guitar finish....but as the geezer says above, its probably going to be damaged sooner or later.