I'm auditioning for my school's jazz band tomorrow and I need to learn these chords: B flat 6, Dmi7 (flat 5), E diminished 7 (it has the letter E written and then a little circle with a 7 next to it, i think that means diminished 7), and F+7. I just can't find any website that have the chord forms for these, can someone please tell me how to play these on guitar?

Thanks in advance!
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First off, is the first chord a B (flat 6) or a Bb (6) totally different chords. I'll just list both and I'm only using parantheses to make it easier to tell the difference

B(b6) B D# F# G (to be honest, this chord doesn't make much sense, but it's what it would be) can be played as x21002, sounds like crap

Bb(6) (what i think the chord is meant to be), like blue strat said Bb D F G can be played xx8786 or x13333

Dm7b5 - xx0111 or x56565

Edim7 - 0100xx or 7878

Faug7 - x8765x or xx3220

Hope those are some ideas for ya
construct them yourself its good practice
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